Sell My Franchise

Time to sell. Let us take the stress out of the process.

We will advise you:

  • about the sale procedures set out in your franchise agreement that need to be followed.
  • what approval process needs to be followed (and assist with the approval process if necessary).
  • of all the fees and charges applicable to the transfer of the franchise business (and negotiate with the franchisor if necessary).
  • about the assignment provisions set out in any lease of the franchise premises.
  • whether you will be able to operate a similar or competing business to your franchise business.
  • whether there are any other post termination provisions of your franchise agreement which will apply to you.

We will draft:

  • sale documentation that protects your rights and interests.
  • a prior representation document if necessary.
We will review any surrender or mutual release deed and arrange for any other appropriate release deeds to be provided to you.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Let us use our experience and expertise to assist you

How can we help you when selling your franchise business

Prepare your sale documentation

We can assist you with the sale or purchase of any commercial business, including a business that is being purchased or sold subject to a franchise. If you are selling a business we can assist you to negotiate the sale … Continue reading

Review a Surrender Deed

A surrender deed or a release deed is the document which terminates or surrenders the franchise agreement and sets out what is required by you after the franchise relationship has ended. We will review your surrender or release deed considering: … Continue reading

Franchise Information

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