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Retail and Commercial Leasing


A retail or commercial lease is an agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants.


What terms are usually in a retail or commercial lease?


A retail or commercial lease will normally contain provisions about:

  • the duration of the lease;
  • any rights of renewal;
  • any rights of assignment;
  • the amount of rent to be paid;
  • the calculation of rent increases;
  • the provision of bank or other guarantees; and
  • the grounds upon which the lease can be terminated.

Generally you are committed to pay the rent for the term of the lease whether or not your business is successful or your business continues to operate from the leased premises.

If you are entering into a franchise agreement, ideally the term of the lease should match the term of the franchise agreement. 


Lease Reviews

We will review the lease agreement and we will:

  • advise you of any commercial and legal risks of entering into the retail or commercial lease;
  • ensure the the terms of the lease reflect the agreement reached between you and the leasor;
  • assist you with any negotiations about the terms of the lease;
  • assist you with the negotiation and resolution of any commercial or retail lease disputes. 

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