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We have helped to franchise and grow some of Australia's most well known brands


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We know franchising.

We have helped to franchise and grow some of Australia's most well known brands.

We understand that the approach to franchising a brand will vary depending on many factors, such as whether you are offering a service or a product or whether you are proposing to franchise territories or sites, or whether the business is based on regular customers.


Franchise Consulting - Prospective Franchisors

If you have decided that you want to franchise your business we will provide advice and assistance with all aspects of developing and growing your franchise system.

We provide franchise consulting advice and assistance with the following:

  • corporate structure;
  • growth strategy;
  • regional or territory franchisees;
  • upfront and ongoing fees including royalties;
  • upfront and ongoing marketing and advertising fees;
  • transfers of franchises including transfer fees;
  • any other fees and costs that might be charged;
  • the process of granting a franchise;
  • franchise exits;
  • site selection policies and leasing arrangements;
  • whether and to what extent territories should be used and the various forms of exclusivity of territory;
  • supply arrangement and exclusive dealing taking into account any Competition and Consumer Act issues that may arise.


Franchise Consulting - Existing Franchisors

If you are already a franchisor, we can assist you to assess what is working with your current franchise system and what is not working.

This includes:

  • reviewing your current business structure;
  • reviewing your franchise systems;
  • reviewing your current intellectual property protection;
  • reviewing your manuals;
  • assessing your marketing fund;
  • assessing your sales structure; and
  • assessing your business growth strategy.

In addition we can review your legal documents and ensure that your franchise systems and processes are compliant.

Your legal documents include:

  • franchise application documents,
  • franchise agreements and related deeds,
  • master franchise agreements and related deeds,
  • disclosure documents,
  • commercial and retail leases,
  • property licence agreements,
  • standard lease clauses for franchisors,
  • intellectual property licence agreements.

In addition we can assess whether your franchise documents adequately protect your franchise system, including your intellectual property, your customers and your goodwill.

Many franchise agreements in the market are “template” franchise agreements and are not drafted to protect the individual franchise system. For example, the protections for a franchisor in a retail food franchise agreement should be very different to the protections for a franchisor in a personal service franchise agreement.

We can also ensure that your franchise agreement adequately addresses any Fair Work risks. 


Ongoing Transactional Work

We prepare franchise agreements and related documents for individual franchisees.

Ongoing franchise transactional work normally includes the following:

  • preparation of disclosure documents and franchise agreements for each franchise granted and sending the documents to the franchisee in accordance with the Franchising Code,
  • ensuring that there is an audit trail for the purposes of establishing compliance with the Franchising Code at all stages of this process,
  • negotiating and drafting certain amendments to the franchise agreement,
  • registering or transferring a business name,
  • reviewing leases,
  • preparing property licence agreements.

We have undertaken large volumes of transactional work for 35 years. We have streamlined processes in place to ensure that the work is completed efficiently, but more importantly we ensure that the documents are compliant, so that you have peace of mind.


Franchisee Sale or Transfers

We can assist you to develop and implement procedures for franchisee transfers including

  • review of the sale contract,
  • incorporation of terms into the sale contract,
  • dealing with sale monies,
  • the development or review of an exit or surrender deed.

Franchising is what we do and it’s what we have been doing for 35 years.


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