Franchise Agreements

A well drafted franchise agreement will clearly set out the rules and protocols that apply to the franchisor franchisee relationship. We will assist you to draft a customised franchise agreement which will reflect your business system and structure and properly protect your interests.

Under the terms of a franchise agreement a franchisee is usually granted the right to use your name, trademark and system, within a certain defined territory for a certain period.

In addition the franchise agreement will contain provisions protecting the your business interests and your intellectual property.

The franchise agreement will also set out the franchisee’s obligations such as:

  • the goods or services which may be provided;
  • the fees to be paid;
  • the manuals to be followed;
  • the standards to be maintained; and
  • the way that the business is to be promoted.

We have developed and drafted hundred’s of franchise agreements and we have had our franchise agreements (including restraint of trade provisions) tested in Court. We draft plain English, user friendly documents.

Contact us to arrange an initial complimentary meeting to discuss your business goals and needs.

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