Enforcing Obligations under an Agreement

In any agreement the parties to the agreement will have obligations to each other. Obligations under an agreement include the payment of monies, the doing of something (such as providing support or operating a franchise business) or the not doing of something (such as operating a similar business or using confidential information).

We can assist you to enforce obligations to you under an agreement, by

  • writing a letter requiring certain conduct to stop (such as someone using confidential information);
  • writing a letter requiring certain things to be done (such as sign writing a vehicle or providing support);
  • writing a letter of demand (for example to demand the payment of monies);
  • issuing a notice to remedy breach (giving the party time to remedy any breaches of the agreement);
  • issuing a notice terminating the agreement (in the circumstances allowed under the agreement and if a franchise is involved under the Franchising Code of Conduct);
  • issuing injunction proceedings to stop certain conduct (for example if someone is operating a similar business);
  • issuing other proceedings.

Contact us so that we can use our experience and expertise to help enforce obligations to you.



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