Resolve a dispute

We understand that effective negotiation is a skill. It requires timing, strategy and preparation.

Many factors will effect a person’s willingness to settle a dispute. These factors may be commercial, for example the protection of a franchise system, or emotional, for example the feeling of wanting your day in Court.

It is always best that you attempt to resolve a dispute early before significant costs have been incurred. It is also important that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position before you accept or make an offer to settle a dispute.

We can:

  • assist in the negotiation and resolution of any dispute at any stage in the dispute resolution process.
  • provide you with advice based on our extensive experience in dispute resolution so that you can make an informed decision on the strategy which is right for you, or the strategy which is best in the circumstances.

We have resolved hundreds of franchise  disputes through the process of negotiation and mediation. Our directors are trained mediators and have mediated franchise disputes in  many different Australian states and territories.

Contact us and let our experience guide you through any dispute.



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