Selling and buying a business

We can assist you with the sale or purchase of any commercial business, including a business that is being purchased or sold subject to a franchise.

If you are selling a business we can assist you to negotiate the sale and then prepare a business sale agreement and if necessary a prior representations deed to ensure that your interests are protected.

If you are buying a business we can negotiate the purchase and review the business sale agreement and any other documentation provided.

If you are buying a business we will provide you with advice about:

  • whether the terms of the business sale agreement reflect usual commercial practice;
  • whether the terms of the business sale agreement reflect the agreement that you have reached with the seller;
  • whether there is anything unusual or unenforceable contained in the business sale agreement;
  • the legal consequences of signing the business sale agreement in the current form (including the consequences of signing any acknowledgments or waivers).

We can also assist with all conveyancing aspects of the sale or purchase including everything associated with the completion and settlement of the sale of the business (including the preparation of a settlement statement).

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