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Franchising is what we do and it’s what we have been doing  for 35 years.


If you need a franchise lawyer in Adelaide one of our expert and experienced franchise lawyers can assist. 



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Why an experienced franchise lawyer?

Over the last 35 years we have:


Set up many successful franchise systems

  • set up and acted for many franchise systems in Australia and New Zealand (including Soonta, Delicia, VIP Home Services, Wok in a Box, Visa2Clean, Soonta, St Louis, Schnithouse).  Stephen Haarsma was a director of one of Australia’s largest franchise systems for 10 years. Stephen Haarsma was also awarded Australian Franchise Lawyer of the Year 2016  by Lawyer Monthly. We understand what works and what doesn’t work both legally and commercially and you get the benefit of our experience in terms of price and quality. Speak to us about our fixed fee packages for franchise start ups.

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Successfully negotiated hundreds of franchise disputes

  • we have conducted and negotiated hundreds of franchise disputes. Stephen Haarsma and Ana Haarsma are both trained mediators and have represented franchisors and franchisees at many mediations in Adelaide, nationally and internationally. In 2017 Ana Haarsma was awarded Most Influential Woman in Franchise Dispute Resolution Australia in the APAC Businesswoman awards.

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Litigated franchise disputes in many Australian Courts

  • we have litigated franchise disputes in many Australian Courts in Adelaide and nationally. We have also litigated a number of commercial disputes in the High Court of Australia including the well known cases of Yorke v Lucas (1985) 158 CLR 661, R v Byrnes (1995) 183 CLR 501 and Byrnes v Kendle (2011) 243 CLR 253. These cases are leading authorities in misrepresentation, directors duties and trust duties respectively.

Reviewed hundreds of franchise agreements

  • we have reviewed hundreds of franchise agreements for prospective franchisees. We offer a fixed fee service for franchise agreement reviews with guaranteed turnaround times.

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"The business decisions and advice that you provided us has helped us to understand franchising better and the implications for our business."

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